The Livestock Vaccination Guideline has been created with veterinary experts Jonathan Statham on dairy, Joe Henry on beef and Fiona Lovatt on sheep, and sets out a vision and a blueprint for how vets, SQPs/RAMAs, farmers and policy makers can be supported by a guideline for herd and flock vaccination. Vaccination and the prevention of disease also play a role in mitigating the use of antibiotics throughout an animal’s life – which is an important contribution to the principles of One Health and Antimicrobial Stewardship. 

An industry-wide strategic approach to vaccination can improve resilience and deliver these additional benefits on farm and across the UK. Vaccination has many roles to play in disease reduction, prevention and control helping to protect livestock against harmful, production limiting, or zoonotic disease. Applying effective vaccination strategies on farm to manage the health and welfare of sheep and cattle has never been more important.