We all want to protect the health and welfare of livestock across the UK and you understand that healthier animals mean more productive farming. Productive farms are more profitable, sustainable, and enable higher welfare standards. 

Vaccination is a key tool in delivering these benefits. That’s why NOAH has teamed up with veterinary experts to create the Livestock Vaccination Guideline, which brings key veterinary clinical experience and research together to demonstrate current thinking and best practice on a proactive approach to vaccination.

We are inviting UK veterinary, farm and industry professionals to sign up to the Livestock Vaccination Guideline. By doing this you are pledging support for its principles, and committing to sharing and implementing them where possible. Your action will help to improve farm resilience and ensure the future prosperity of the sector. Only if we share a common commitment to the principles and framework set out in the Guideline can we fully realise the benefits of the preventive health approach.

Will you make that commitment? 

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